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zf gearbox slip


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hey fellas

fg mk1 xr6 turbo stock with just a tune, that is slipping in gears 3-4

if im taking off at a set of lights and clicking through gears in boost (5-7psi) itll just flare when clicking into 3rd and rpms stay the same for 4th intill i back off abit then the revs drop and catch the gear or once im over around 80-85kms it comes back down again (i assume once the output shaft speed picks up enough to catch itself)

was using a scan tool to log the trans slip rpm and during the slip it was showing between 800-900rpm
ive check the fluid level (was only recently changed to penrite bmv gear oil about 20.000kms ago)
also noticed the trans fluid temp sensor is reading 195deg constant even if the car is dead cold (i think its faulty sensor or my scanner isnt picking up the correct channel) 

wondering if theres anything i can do within the tune to help the clutch's bite up better in 3rd/4th? whether that be pressures or slip time etc?


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Yes you can definitely improve things by tuning the TCM. I've not personally ever tuned a ZF so I can't tell you what to change. If it was me I would compare an XR6T to a Sprint or F6 and see what Ford tune from the factory to handle the higher torque levels, this should give you some ideas where to start.

Otherwise hopefully some of the guys here can help.

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