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Yes. Disable closed loop fueling and DFCO. Set the 0 -> 0.2 load cells to 0.5 lambda, decel spark to -20 degrees etc and then set the minimum idle air in gear at high rpm to high number so the throttle doesn't shut. You'll need to play with the timing and fuel to stop throttle hang but it is 100% achievable.

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3 hours ago, richardpalinkas said:

Can you have this active at say above 3000rpm only so it's still drivable on the road under normal conditions? As in only have open loop fuel above 3000rpm and closed loop under 3000 rpm?

Sure, just leave closed loop fueling enabled and change the TPS threshold to something like this.


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If you experiment please post up your results and what settings you played with. It would be very interesting to see!

Be ware of heat though, could quickly destroy cat/exhaust/turbos if you went overboard. We killed an old stock turbo using launch control with -20 degrees timing testing here.

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Yes I believe that is the best bet. Be very careful as if you make it too high and you are in gear it will be like cruise control is stuck on. Make sure you are testing on a dyno and can put the car into neutral if required.

I'm not sure if the gearbox will stop you pulling it out of gear above a certain load, so increase it in small increments only.

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