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ZF Tuning - Any advice?

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Am currently tuning my own car and was wondering if anyone could help me out / point me in the right direction in regards to ZF tuning.

Have got all the engine tuning sorted out (HP Academy was very helpful for bulk knowledge gain in short amount of time !) Am now a lot more confident with the use of PCMTec and love all the features that it has to offer.

I've started by flashing the FGX sprint ZF tune. From that I have raised the line pressures by that of 10%  (predominantly so in high areas). Also have reduced slip time by 20% and added a little extra torque reduction in the high load sections (have also updated Engine Torque table in high load / rpm areas to reflect more torque).

Anyone able to chime in (or PM me) if this seems like a reasonable or bad approach, or what you would suggest? I can’t find any example ZF tunes online so would appreciate any help!


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21 hours ago, TehNewbie said:

I’m located in Melbourne so Victoria. I wouldn’t mind that but I’m unsure who could offer this. 

Chris at bluepower was considering offering something like this. You could give him a try.

Othwrwise no harm in contacting the shops on our workshop page. If you are doing it for yourself only and not running your own business they would be more open to it as you are directly competing with them. 

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