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N/A to turbo


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I am turboing a n/a bf with zf and not sure what is the best way to start with a tune. Would it be better of loading a bf turbo or f6 file in or just using the stock tune in the can and turning turbo logic on and rescale the spark and speed density tables. 

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If you are using the Turbo fuel pressure regulator to bring you up to spec with a turbo fuel injector, then you can proberly do a compare/copy all from a turbo ECM..

This is how we got my ba na-turbo conversion working, however depending on how you do the setup you may run into hickups, but these would be resolved by getting the car tunned. 


Ideally you would use a larger injector, for example a F6 440cc injector as a basic upgrade, as the stock injectors are rubbish size.

if you have a free flowing exhaust you might want to look into even doing some broad changes to the speed density tables to help you get in the ballpark as it will defiantly go lean.


When i did my ba na-turbo i had a 3-inch straight through exhaust and the car was over-boosting and running super lean straight away - this was a na ecu with the straight turbo map copied over. The over-boosting was a mechanical issue, the running lean was more so a combination of all the things (stock tune, to much boost, not enough injector)

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It has a 3inch exhourst big cooler 4bar fuel reg 42lb injrctors. Just not sure on the best way to approach it. Was thinking the best way would be to load a f6 file with zf preamaters straight in but have heard you get abs faults and the auto won't shift correctly. 

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If you have swapped all modules/engine/trans the easiest way is to find another calibration from the same vehicle that is turbo and use that using the merge wizard.

If you have made a frankenstein eg an NA engine with turbo running gear and NA trans/abs module then do a compare and copy over only the turbo related settings. This is the only way to do it if you haven't done a full swap of everything.

Either way will work, depending on how much you have swapped over one method will be quicker than the other.

Also note if you don't have the workshop version, you won't be able to see all the scalars/tables, so a "Copy all" won't actually copy everything. You can use the merge wizard to copy the entire calibration section though, this effectively does the same thing. You can only do this if the operating system ID is the same though.

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