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ways to reduce turbo lag!!


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hey guys, just wondering if there's anyway to bring boost on quicker through the tune, obviously the size of the rear housing plays a massive part but im sure someone has some tricks to make it come on abit quicker and maybe more aggressively. abit of context, im not using stock boost control. im using a gfb gforce 2. im still a noob at all this so hopefully im not sounding too inexperienced hahaha.


cheers, Tyler.

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Firstly get rid of the crappy boost controller and put the stock one back. This will probably make a huge difference alone. Next make sure all the boost control is set up as per factory so that 100% duty cycle is being commanded until you get near your commanded boost.

Finally you can move to a 3 port wastegate actuator which will help hold the gate closed until the very last moment which will help a little.

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