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Stalling under decel with a/c on conversion


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A simple fix would be to wire the A/C compressor into the power steering pressure switch input. Then when the compressor clicks on it will trigger the idle up that normally occurs when at full lock.

If you are still running power steering with the pressure sensor you could wire the two electrically in series so if either occur you get an idle up condition.

You could also drop the idle ignition timing (by increasing the idle airflow). This gives you more torque reserve when the engine starts to stall and the PCM can recover quickly using ignition timing.

A combination of the above should have the car idling like factory with no stalling.

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I've done similar to what Roland is suggesting (also a manual Barra GQ), I have an FG throttle, and have put the BF airflow numbers in it for idle. Has helped lots, but needs a bit more. I'm working on getting it to be better at pulling off the line - So messing with it further r.e. airflow may help more.


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Yeah I have sorted it 99% now but still every now and then it’ll stall. 
I did notice battery voltage is low at idle (12.9-13.2v) so maybe that has something to do with it as I know falcons are super touchy on a proper battery. 
and mine isn’t the best. I’ll keep an update on that side of things 

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On 11/22/2019 at 10:11 PM, apoc said:

What motor do you have? If it's a BF / FG, put a BA alternator on it. Non-smart, it'll charge all the time.

Or, I think you can actually turn it into a dumb alternator in the tune, Roland may be able to comment!


Yes afaik you can toggle a BF/FG to use a non smart alternator (can't tell you how as I've never done it), I do remember seeing parameters to configure this a while back. You can't do the reverse afaik. FYI we had one customer who spent a week diagnosing injector 2 and 5 getting stuck open randomly, turns out the person who's vehicle it was had installed a smart alternator in a BA without telling them which was causing lots of bizarre issues, so make sure you don't do this.

Best to compare stock files from a BA and BF with smart alternator. You will most likely need the workshop version to determine which parameters are required.

Mdauto the regulated voltage should be rock solid, if its fluctuating at all you have issues. Actual battery voltage itself will vary though which is normal.

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