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Editor wish list ?


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Dont know if there is already a thread for this but would be good for any ideas that might make things quicker and easier.

My first suggestion would be being able to hide/unhide items in the navigator so while going through can hide any tables that are blank/unused to make it quicker to navigate the thousands of tables. i know there is the quick access column in the navigator but scrolling through all the tabs continuously on a laptop while tuning is painfull. If there is some way to do this allready pointing it out to me would be great¬†ūüĎć

Also what is the likelihood of separating the scanner into its own program aswell to make it simpler to veiw the data without having to shuffle the navigator across when swapping from veiwing a log to changing maps.


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Hi effxr6t,

      You can reduce the number of parameters shown by opening a tune and using the View Menu:


  For example you could un-tick  Professional, Workshop and OEM Areas and there will be a reduced set of parameters to edit. You should be able to do most of your tuning with these parameters.

With regard to separating the Editor and the Scanner we are looking at that as an option.


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Thanks Darryl that's the way I was currently filtering it but thought could be a good thing to add in future releases.

Also I have noticed in the 1.21 beta that the read dtc function doesn't work and have to open 1.11 to read dtc. Is there a different way to read dtc in the 1.21?

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