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DIY Flex Fuel Kit


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You are welcome to make your own kit and sell it, however be aware if a customer goes to a workshop with this kit you would have to provide them with support and a warranty on it. If you don't then we would end up copping flack from the workshop and having to support an unknown product.

Currently Pirotta Performance makes all the flex fuel kits which are sold to the workshops which are the only kits we officially support, the reason behind this is the voltage calibration for these kits if hard coded into our UI, he supplies a plug and play loom with connectors with step down resistors where required, also fuel rail fittings etc. There is no technical reason why you cannot make your own kit (voltages are configurable in the software), I just want people to be aware if they buy it and go see a workshop that we will not be able to provide them with technical support regarding it. If you are tuning yourself etc, then obviously there is no issue here.

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