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  1. Hi, still chasing a solution to this issue if anyone has any insight would be great. I have attached another log file. Cold Start.teclog Cold Start 2.teclog
  2. Ctd? I can try send another log if that one isn’t working.
  3. Hi All, I have an issue where my idles are fluctuating on cold start. They do come normal towards the end of the log, Not sure where i should be looking to make some changes for this. On the Log it starts at around 129 and the idles are smooth by 250 (Time) Hoping i've logged enough to be able to diagnose the issue please let me know if i need to log something else. Car does have an aftermarket cam and is on E85. Any help will be greatly appreciated here. Cold Start.teclog
  4. okay makes sense thank you. How about Road speed? everything im logging is always way under what im actually going.
  5. Hi All, Whats everyone using to datalog boost, Cant seem to change map to psi. Is there a way to change this, maybe i've just missed it.
  6. Awesome, I’ll give it a crack. thank you.
  7. Is there a table that will shift at a specified output speed in manual mode. A friend of mine has it setup on his xr6 which is done on SCT. So I can imagine it would be here just not sure which table.
  8. Will this auto shift even in manual mode or only if in performance mode?
  9. Hi All, I have tried checking the demo but it is not updated and cant seem to find the new version of the demo to check. Just wanting to know weather or not i can adjust the boost by speed which is currently setup on the car, Im looking to purschase the ethusiast version. Thanks.
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