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Rev limiter similar to the AU Falcon


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Does it use a throttle cut currently? You can datalog the throttle and throttle torque source to determine this. 

If so you need to remove the throttle cut by modying the torque requestors.

Then the torque reduction will be done via spark retard and fuel cut. 

There are several topics on how the torque requestors work if you do a search. 

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I was finally able to try a few different settings results in the video.

- ETC disabled via auF0265 & auf0264

- auF1479 set to 0.8 Lambda

- RPM limit 4850 and fuel cut 5000rpm for testing

- Time and amount that rpm limit can be exceeded both set to 0

- auF0262 Engine speed limiting set to 0.6

- auF0261 Engine speed limiting set to 1

Im going for something more agressive similar to @misk any feedback would be appreciated 


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Thanks for posting a follow up with what you did. This really helps others out when they are searching. 

To make it more aggressive set your min spark to -25 and set the blk spark at your limit to step change to this. 

Or you can set up the torque reduction to use spark retard and do this automatically (a little more complicated). Read the torque requestors launch control thread for a full walk through of how the reduction layers work. 

Datalog your spark when doing this to confirm.

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On 2/27/2022 at 2:31 PM, BarbysG6E said:

Out of curiosity I tried this on my mates straight piped BA, sitting on the 3k neutral limiter was deafening and made for a fun Saturday night! Thanks for the advice 🙂 I'll put up a video later


Did you have a video I'm curious playing with a similar set up 

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