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Shift map 71

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My strategy spends most of its time in shift map 5 so I have spent a lot of time tweaking it to my liking. Unfortunately during the warm up routine it does not play nice with some of the other shift tables and causes busy shift changes with a constant throttle. Quite annoying let me assure you. The scanner showed shift table 71 which we know doesn't exist. Went out on a limb an referenced the lookup table at ZF02832 which mapped 71 to table 48. Copied table 5 to table 48 and no more busy shifting for the last few mornings. If that changes and it turns out I'm wrong I'll be sure to edit and let you all know.

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Yeah the shift maps will bounce all over the place. The type of driver counter increments and decrements depending on how the car is driven. From what I can tell the type of driver counter then maps back via look up table(s) to a respective shift table. I've never bothered to work it out and just learnt to live with it and tune the main drive maps which from memory are 5, 6 and 10??? I can't remember exactly (I have it written down somewhere) but after you've logged it for months you get the gist of where it's going to be. I suppose if you really didn't care about getting the variable shift patterns for different scenarios you could just set every cell in ZF02832 5 and just tune that one pattern. Sounds a bit sacrilege to do that to a ZF but GM 4Lxx and 6Lxx only have 2 dominant (Pattern A & B) shift patterns and it's been like that for donkies years.

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