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torque management


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hello pcmtec community

in regards to torque management settings, in particular, spark torque ratio limit and torque fuel cut ratio, simply disabling all tables, what kind of drivability issues may arise whilst keeping trans shift spark torque ratio at 0.5? i would like to disable all torque management except of course trans shifts.




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Hi Richard,

I spent 6 months tuning my car just concentrating on this alone a good compromise and work out which combination would allow me to stall up my Territory.  PCMTec cannot give advice on what values to set but here are the Torque Source and a brief understanding what issues they will cause.

The Torque sources are:


For the Falcon we use 0 - 14. Target N will be Target RPM as Ford refer to N when they talk about engine RPM.

Now you know what these sources deal with, so disabling torque reduction will have an impact on this.

Disabling torque control for something like Oil Overtemp or any FMEM source could possibly lead to catastrophic engine failure. Also be very careful with Driver Demand as its intended function is to give the driver what they asked for in a controlled manner rather than unintended acceleration. Transmission shift and transmission torque will govern gear changes as well as how much torque the engine will be allowed to supply transmission.

I will be putting these labels in the torque source for those tables for the version that will be release on Friday (includes support for the ZF as well as numerous template names and description updates). We have also asked our Alpha testers to comment on this. 


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