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Traction control keeps turning off, reverse lamps not working.


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Hey there, my 2006 XR6T Falcon is a having a few issues.


Traction Control turns off by itself the second I get over 5km/h, and I cant turn it back on.

the Reverse Lamps aren't working.

and, the Instrument Cluster is flashing the gear/driving mode I am in. (P,R,N,D,L,1 ect.)

(The car does drive fine although, it switches gear smoothing and accelerates nicely.)


I have the following DTC's:

TCM: P1910-FF (Reverse Lamp Control Circuit Open)

PCM: P0701-60 (Transmission control system - range/performance)


I have checked fuses, wiring and relays - no issues here. This vehicle was converted from NA 4speed to Turbo ZF6speed. (Everything was ripped from the car and transplanted -  Engine, trans, diff, all wiring looms, abs, icc, bem, ect.)

The ONLY part that hasn't been swapped is the diff/axle cradle, it retains its NA differential, I have although, edited the TCM with the appropriate axle ratios and whatnot.

At this point, I am assuming it is either a Tuning Error due to incorrectly altering the TCM for the change in axle ratios, or a mechanical fault with the TCM itself.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Was this an issue when it was all in the donor car? Do you have the original unedited PCM/TCM file saved? Flash back to stock & work out the 2 fault codes provided before worrying about axle ratio or anything else.

On a side note, changes in the VID calibration overrides don't make any difference whilst VID is still set to enabled.

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Do the reverse/brake lights work? Do you have LED lamps? I believe the PCM checks the resistance for a fault and LED lights or a faulty lamp can cause that. 

I'm sure someone else can chime in with exactly how it works. 

I'm not on the PC but regarding the axle ratio you need to set it in the ZF cal itself and if the VID block is enabled (it normally is) set it there. If the VID block is disabled set the PCM override as Bill mentioned. 

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