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Cold start idle

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They actually do have a fairly aggressive cold start idle from the factory already. But to answer your question the car uses the following maps for idle timing when cold. You can put anything you want in there.  They will usually use about -5 degrees but you could go much more retarded to warm the car up faster if you want.


Regarding idle speed you can simply increase one of these tables to increase the cold start idle speed. ECT is probably the best one to use as that way it will only do it when cold.






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It is done based off a PID controller. You can modify the gain in this table. 


Muliplier as a function of load on spark feedback gain_ fnspkfbs_gain.

If you set it to 5000 for fun you'll see your spark flick between MBT and min spark clip repeatably. Good for a pseudo ghost cam. if you set it to 0 it will just run MBT timing and you'll have a high idle and if it starts to stall it won't catch it in time.

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My shitter had a slow start and a bit of a stutter on idle...

I used the base idle fuel map to add a fair bit more fuel, the std falcon map leans out quite quickly. well compared to nissans im used to.

Used the idle adder with ECT to add 100 idle untill around 60 deg.

Car started much nicer and was happyier...still had an idle stumble.

> battery was bad - changed to new battery and car started instantly and the stumble/miss is gone.


i know this is no help to your bwm start, but i figgure its helpfull note that making it richer and idle higher is prob not a bad idea.

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