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Pcmtec in windows 7 vm support


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Hi as i normally only use Linux, i normally boot up a win7vm to any maintenance on my pcm etc. Ids & forscan work fine this way & i can access the pcm (with an openport) with no problems.

However Pcmtec detects the vm & will not work as it's "not supported". Can this be changed ? i'm happy to play around with it to try & get it working in my vm.

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We don't support VMs as we have had a few instances of people using bootcamp etc and soft bricking their PCM due to driver issues. Eg it would erase the PCM then time out on the flash write, then they had to source another computer to recover the PCM which left the customer in a bad position.

There have also been instances of people attempting to pirate the software using VMs.

For this reason we have VM support disabled.

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2 hours ago, Mee said:

I don't suppose you guys will ever support Linux ?, Windows sucks.

The drivers are the main reason we wouldn't, also 99% of automotive engineering software is also Windows based, so we find almost all of our customers have to use Windows anyway.

We actually did look into porting the openport driver to linux so that we could develop an android app, however flex fuel and the multi tune removed the need for linux support. As we use C#/WPF for the GUI it would mean even with a linux driver the UI would never work. Cross platform software is difficult to do properly without compromises unfortunately.

One idea that I have entertained is a web version of the software, that would definitely work on linux or even your phone! There is not really a business case to do it though.

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Windows 7 was discontinued by Microsoft in January 2020. It is now almost 12 years old.

Some people have managed to run it in Windows 7, but you'll need various hacks to get .NET 4.7.1 installed and then also find all the required VC++ runtime DLLs.

The editor will also run like a complete dog on computers old enough to still be running Windows 7. We use a fairly modern theme engine and graphics library which requires a relatively modern PCs. Also its heavily multi threaded and can cause UI lockups with anything less than a 4 core processor.

We don't officially support it because of all of the above reasons.

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