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80lb siemens injector data


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So before everyone jumps on the scale them yourself bandwagon obviously i would do that if the motor was stock and the speed density was accurate but i cant. 

The engine is modified has large cams and built for skids. im hoping someone will be kind enough to post some 80lb siemens data to help me out before i sit here and butcher the speed density over a scaling issue.

i have found one post on the forum mentioning data for them but just looking for a few more examples to confirm its fairly close. 

thanks in advance for anyone willing to help


edit also to add fuel pressure is set to stock turbo 4 bar

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I can't help you with the data however I can help you make the process a lot easier for yourself.

Do you still have the stock injectors? You can pick them up cheap if not. Personally I'd put the stock injectors in and get the speed density mint. Then sort out the injectors after.

Also are the camshafts locked? If so and you have the workshop edition we have a traditional VE style speed density patch (Enabled via the Custom OS Wizard) which changes the Y-Axis from Intake cam angle to MAP pressure. Then you can fudge the speed density based on MAP pressure to help account for reversion at the low rpm. This makes the speed density tuning MUCH easier as its like tuning a VE map on a commodore with no VCT.

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Yes I've got stock injectors and have done a basic speed density remap to suit but can't go past 4000rpm as they are allready maxed on my gate spring pressure. The cams are locked and run at -10 cam angle and I have it running good enough for what it needs just using the speed density as it is so I don't really wanna pay for extra credits for the custom OS just to make it abit better. I'll hang out for a few days see if any other guys feel like posting there data before I just wing it off the current tune I've made.

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