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Spare connections for input and output


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I think it would be great if there was a resource that outlined the spare inputs and outputs that people have hijacked and used for different purposes.

Some obvious examples are the second o2 sensor (input) and IMRC (output; for turbo vehicles). But I have heard of others, such as the clutch switch in cars with automatic gearboxes.

I'm sure there are a lot of possibilities with so many factory options (turbo/non-turbo; auto/manual).

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They configurable IO that we have in the custom os is the following

Rear O2 for flex / map switching (boost sensor in the ba as the ba has no rear o2) 

Imrc output (used as a window such with load) 

We extend the functionality of the clutch switch to allow for flat shifting but the IO is not configurable really. 

There is other IO that you might be able to repupose such as the canister purge (pwm on a timer) and the Ac pressure input (triggers an idle up event) 

You could also hijack the oil pressure sensor to trigger a limp mode by simulating a very high oil temp. 

That is about it. 

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Thanks Roland, that's a good list. I have no idea how you have managed to make all that work, so I'm mostly guessing ahaha (if there is any descriptions/details of the inner workings anywhere, I'd love to read about it).

This might be a long shot, but if there is an existing output, is it possible to change what it outputs? I just opened a PCM wiring diagram and see the EEC sends speed(?) to the navigation system. Would it be possible to make it send load instead? (assuming it's a simple relationship line X speed => Y voltage). That may be a bad example, but hopefully you understand what I'm getting at.

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It is completely non configurable. We have written custom code for the functions above which can be enabled with our custom os. Everything else is set in stone. The computer is not designed to be reconfigured like an aftermarket computer, it's compiled code that needs to be reverse engineered and manually patched to edit it. 

Could what you are saying be done? Yes but it needs to be done for 160 operating systems which is a huge job so there would need to be a business case to do it. The custom os features we have added to date have taken hundred of thousands in R&D. 

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Would love to see boost control usable in the NA ECUs, unfortunately most of them are without a "C" plug so nowhere for the boost sensor or w/g solenoid to plug in means chasing other routes and factory turbo PCMs are getting expensive and rare, I still love my boost Tees but factory control works great, is there any possibility of using the MAP sensor and the IMRC driver for this? From memory the factory boost sensor runs at ~30Hz surely the driver itself should be able to handle that or can it only be configured for a digital output?

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