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auF1505 MIL Switch


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Tune was done by a shop. I'm just fixing it up as the e85 driveability side of it was no good as we came into winter. Overboost protection was disabled (nearly grenaded my motor when actuator failed) and boost sensor open circuit detection was disabled. Idle and in gear air flows were pegging the integrator. I have all fixed all that up, the ute drives really nice now.

On a side note, once I got the idle air within +/-0.05lb/min for gas and e85 on the integrator from cold to hot (AC and fan off), and at each achievable (600-1300) rpm idle air cells (this takes weeks by the way), I was able to slowly return other tables that had been adjusted by him back to stock, such as lost fuel, pump shot, trans airflow, dashpot preposition and dashpot decay. Amazing how applying first principles will clean up a tune. Really happy with the ute, it's nearly fully dialled, next step is boost and timing. Brought some tuner nerd knock ears and a wideband. Will get it ballpark on the road then see if I can hire some dyno time off Staufi to finish off the top end. 

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1 hour ago, jakka351 said:

ooooooowwwwwaaaa. Is there an application where this would be safe at all other than a naturally aspirated vehicle? Im guessing its as a last line of defence if pressure relief valve or wastegate fail

Most tuners turn it off for a coupled of reasons. Firstly they don't have time to tune the closed loop PID to stop it occurring, another reason is most guys are maxing out the internal gates and they can boost spike fairly easily putting the car into a limp mode. You can't really tune this out of the car without modifying the turbo which may be out of the price range for the customer.

Setting it quite high but not out of range is what I would suggest if you are time limited (eg most shops).

edit: Another reason (which I completely disagree with) is some tuners peg the map sensor (once again budget reasons) and tune the car like this, this makes for a very poor driving experience due to low boost/midrange being very rich, obviously if you are pegging the sensor though you have to turn off overboost. If you don't have time or the parts this may be the only way to make the power desired.

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22 minutes ago, Whiteford said:

The reason this business model would fail is the amount of time per car you spend tuning it.

Do what they do in the US and you spend months doing a tune for specific sets of parts, then you sell that tune 100s of times. That is the only real way to do tuning on modern vehicles due to the time required.

Unfortunately as the cars get older the results become less and less repeatable.

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An ai aka auto tune could do it easily. Cylinder pressure vs this vs that etc etc until it's done.

You could even make it mobile for the home tuner, via the spark plug hole for cylinder reference.

For lower octane fuel you could just use a knock reference... That would be the professional version 😋

Old mate was being sarcastic in his earlier post about taking too long to tune and charging 5 bucks.

I can do a single fuel multi tune with no injector data in less than a day, so there's no need for ai tuning imo.

Haha not gonna say no to an auto tuning ai pcm tho lol.

If this idea gets used I expect at least 3 buckets of kfc and a 6 pack of beer my way.

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It took Ford Millions of dollars to tune the stock files . So it’s pretty unreasonable to believe that a shop can tune a car in 1 hour or so !! Only way would be if it’s something they tune all the time Eg xr6 fg T using their supplied injectors ? For me , Even after a very good tune shop did the base tune , I took months and what felt like 50 odd flashes before I was happy with the btr box and the target fuel lambda with switching from open to closed loop . ( Na conversion external boost controller) . Also I was learning and didn’t know what I was doing too! Still learning !! I think we have very high expectations of tuning professionals to hook a crack tune in a couple of hours ?? It isn’t easy and I have huge respect for people that do it for a living !! 
Being a Plumber is much easier!!

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