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Barra B series vs FG


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On 12/11/2021 at 8:54 AM, Loc said:

I have a territory turbo 11/2007 which category would this fall into do you think.

thanks loc 

The turbo gas bottom end ! I believe anything after 6/2006 had the 3 r 23 as rods or gas rods that were later called the turbo rods ! 
You can’t even pull the little belly sump off to check ? As the windage tray is in the way ! Maybe if you had a bore scope u could check ? 
below is the f6 piston and floating pin . The spaghetti rod 1 r 23 aa Rod and then the 3 r 23 aa Rod .

both are really on the marginal side and look like toothpicks ! You can’t pick one from the other by looking at it  unless you really know your stuff . Can really only tell by the part numbers on the rods ? The turbo Rod is slightly narrower in the I beam but has an extra mm of material at the base and weighs an extra 150 grams or so from memory. 
but if only Ford went to the 3 r Rod on everything, imagine how many good turbo motors up to 600 rwhp is we could have had !! ?? Unfortunately, everything at Ford Au was geared to budgets and extreme fuel economy. Not extreme horsepower for a bunch of enthusiasts 20 years later !! 
mat least they designed us a cracker of an engine with a very easy to work on , free flowing head ! 9FA05787-B41B-4BE6-A94D-00804DC49EC5.thumb.jpeg.912d801dda24a11c99d699a133c83656.jpegF423B3DB-1E47-4D36-946A-00A6090CB328.thumb.jpeg.3107bb501b49b20eb0dc4f94489fc8c7.jpeg

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