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PCMTEC Editor Suggestions

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Hello all,

At the suggestion if @Roland@pcmtec over in Mustang 6G I’m starting a suggestion thread for the PCMTEC editor interface. 

With all the new US market users because of the ProTuner package release there appears to be some feedback on the interface that needs to be aggregated. 

If you have any suggestions please post them in this thread. I’ll start with mine. 

Perhaps allowing us to mark parameters as favorites could do two things:

- Add that parameter to a favorites drop down in the tree. Also allow us to create our own sub-sections in the favorites section and allow us to move favorites around in there how we like.
- Move a favorited parameter to the top of all other parameters within its section in the tree (if desired, let us turn this on and off). Make the order customizable, but keep the favorites at the top of the section they normally reside in.

This way we could create our own individual tree with a layout exactly how we want with our most commonly used parameters.

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I'd like a favorites file that is importable like the log channels in the scanner.

Something I can populate with parameters, label it, save it and then be able to import it into any tune I'm working on.

I'd like to have a saved file with all parameters for 90mm throttle body

another file for GT350 Intake manifold ect.


If this is already possible please point me to the section in the manual.






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I've got a you beaut suggestion,

Add a tick box on the write screen for resetting the zf6 trans adapts. I ain't no coding guru but if the box was checked then you'd flash ZF02859 from two to zero, ignition cycle, then flash it back to two.

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