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Can not brake 300RWKW FG MK1 turbo


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Hi there guy's and gal's, As you can see from the title I can not for the life of me get my FG MK1 auto falcon brake the 300 RWKW mark..... it will make 270 RWKW and just over 720 NM and no more, iv gone through pretty much all the forums on PCMtec and not getting anywhere lol.

MODS - 1000HP process west intercooler and pipe work, 1250CC injectors, 4" dump and 3" from dump back, valve spring's, oil pump gear's.

going to get a garret GTX and the rest of the fuel system once the bank will permit it lol.

Now im not running out of fuel the way it is at the moment and im running 14PSI witch is abit on the high side for me on a stock turbo.

any one with any tip's, info or criticism please post away cause im at a loss and have no idea on where to go from here tune wise. 

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thank you for the quick reply, shes a bit messy lol only been tuning for about 6 months now... this run i got cranky and asked for 16PSI 🤣

with the injectors i used data from injector dynamics as the injectors i got from MTQ only come with dead times, so i tried to dial them in as best as i could whilst data logging and going off what info i could find on the forums and seemed to come up not to bad.


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OK no worries ill give that ago, all tho i am the only person to tune my car shouldn't it set up in a closed loop config from factory ?

And i have fixed that lean out, i am trying to target around 11.5 AFR's, or do you recommend richer/leaner?  

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11.5 should be a good target with some room for error.

I have no idea what you've done to your boost levels to get them higher than stock. A datalog of cam timing, wastegate duty, spark, final lambda, torque source, throttle would tell the full story.

You probably have room to improve with the cam timing and making sure you aren't getting any throttle closure due to torque sources.

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fuel definitely needs a tidy up and boost can be a tad higher, 320rwk is what i would see from these mods everyday of the week on my dyno too.

cam timing can stay stock to achieve this, ideally end spark timing at 10-12 deg throught the run. target 12 to 11.8 at the tailpipe is usually what i run which is plenty safe.

ramp up to 16-15 psi with a slow taper off down t 13 toward 6000rpm. using open loop control

if you ramp the boost a little later instead of straight away it will shoot the power higher and give more of a flatter tq curve. on the autos this still makes the car feel great to drive, in the manuals though ramping boost later will be sluggish to drive.

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From what I can tell its basically a time limit on when the stock flapper blows open (and hence boost drops). So the longer you can make the boost wait the higher in the rpm it will be (and hence more peak power).

Eg If you have a load cell and hold it at 5k it won't matter what you do, boost will eventually drop.

Definitely do what @CalFlyheight says for a nicer torque curve and better figure though.  Will help reduce wheel spin as well.

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On 4/21/2020 at 1:37 PM, itcy said:

thanx fin ! that would be awesome, i appreciate that a lot, shes a little rough lol im pretty new to this

1250cc injectors.tec 1.74 MB · 5 downloads

Sorry i hadn't seen this early.

Having a dyno graph to go along with a tune is pretty handy.

So first off, fueling.  I can see you're using a combination of injector scaling and base fuel tables to "fudge" the AFRs to your desired 11.5. Nothing wrong with this if you've found something thats worked now.  I recommend using the injectors slopes and deadtimes if you can get/find them.  You have 1250CC injectors. If they are the Bosch 1250cc injectors they run at about 1370cc / min @ 400 kPa / 4 Bar in our cars.  These are about 120lb injectors, your high slope is equivalent of ~300lb.  Your low slope is in the ballpark @ ~100lb. Your breakpoint is out by a factor of 10 so i think your high slope is never used other wise it'd be pig rich anywhere but idle. Once you've fixed your breakpoint you'll wanna use your low slope as your high slope.  Then your low slope might need some attention so it isn't rich at idle.

The second post in this thread would give you a better idea of what values to use. 1150cc injectors arent far off 1250. Just as long as your 1250s are bosch based design and not dekas... If they are based on dekas that's a whole other ballgame.

If your injectors are all good slope/breakpoint wise, you can just set desired lambda in your base fuel table. 0.75-0.78.

Secondly, boost.  To run higher boost i can see you've changed the desired boost table but not the wastegate DC table(auF16463).  From the dyno you can see boost coming off around 3750.  Whats happening here is even thou you are commanding 16 or so psi the wastegate DC isnt high enough to hold that amount of boost.  In the PCM the wastegate DC table represents how far the wastegate is open for the corresponding  boost value in desired boost table.  This needs to be pretty much spot on for all the other boost calculation functions(overboost and underboost correction) to work correctly.  So concentrating on those values after 3750rpm in the wastegate DC table is your first port of call.

Fixing your wastegate DC table is going to be the most of your gains. You'll be maxing out this setup.

Lastly, Torque management.  Looks like you using spark cut for everything and all others off. If the desire is to stop the throttle body from closing during a torque event. Check out auF0265 and auF0264, ETC Clip torque and Torque Reduction. Here you can control if and when the ETC is used in an "other cuts" torque even't.

oh also, Torque table.  I believe its best to leave this stock. This table i believe can muck with torque reductions on shifts with the zf (not sure if you have a zf thou)

There's a bit to look into and test out. But let us know how you how and post up another dyno if you run it again. Will be interesting to see the progress and if any of this helped :)

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