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Can't read fault codes (DTC)


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On 7/9/2020 at 6:11 PM, Roland@pcmtec said:

We have removed DTC reading support as we only read the PCM+TCM however there are far more modules in the vehicle which was leading people to believe they had no DTCs when they infact did from other modules. Bad information is worse than no information in our opinion.

We highly recommend using Forscan which is free and offers amazing DTC and service procedure support. They also offer a paid version which allows key recoding and various other features. They support J2534 cables just like us.


Regarding DTC reset they are reset automatically after a flash write.


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1 hour ago, Turboidiot said:

Does forscan work with the tatrix?

Yes & no. I've found the OBDLink EX cable works better & haven't used the Tatrix with FORScan for quite some time until you asked the question.

I've found the Tatrix to be temperamental with later versions of FORScan & Tatrix drivers. You will need to make sure you have the Tatrix selected in settings & the correct settings for it to work. I've just connected to a BA RTV pcm using Tatrix & bench loom which is why you'll see a lot of fault codes.

I have several other pcm's which I've just connected to where the Tatrix won't connect or if it does, FORScan doesn't recognise the calibration or won't read DTC's. The OBDLink EX will connect & read all these pcm's & will read vehicle modules.

After making changes to FORScan settings, disconnect the cable from laptop & pcm, then restart FORScan. Sometimes you may also need to reboot before reconnecting cable.



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Additional info
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Thanks for the great info as usual Bill. As Bill said the Tactrix works ok however it does not support medium speed canbus, this means you won't be able to do some procedures and connect to some modules (eg the radio etc).

The cheap ELM327 cables eg the one Bill recommended are actually better for this job than the Tactrix.

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