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Knock sensor mounting


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Where is everyone mounting their knock sensor for knock audio?, the only easy enough place I can find is on the side of the inlet manifold. It works but i can hear alot of injector noise etc. Should I instead just remove the front knock sensor and put it there? 

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1 hour ago, Puffwagon said:

I turn the knock detection off in the tune and plug my knock ears into the factory sensors.

I found that just unplugging the knock sensors will make the tune pull the max amount of timing it can, hence why turning it off.

I do the same. 

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Thanks for the feedback guys, I mounted it where the front sensor was, still a bit noisey for me so I'm going to get a knock link with the led that flashes when there's knock. I was using a home made setup with a little amp/equalizer etc, works fine on other cars but it's just getting too much electrical interference at the moment and I can't fully trust it.

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Having done a bunch of road running myself, I find the less visual distractions the better.

You need to watch a wideband, although after a few tries the fuel will be safe enough.

You might need to watch a boost gauge.

You need to watch the temp gauge.

Must importantly you need to watch the road. Rwd starts getting sketchy a little after 300rwkw and AWD starts getting sketchy after 550awkw or so, imo. Having to hold a car straight while flat out in 3rd/4th is hectic enough by itself, let alone watching gauges etc.

With knock detection I use the headphones primarily, then review the subsequent knock data from tuner nerd.

I've also done a bunch of dyno tuning and even then you need to watch the fuel and boost very closely when you start making big power.

With headphones you will hear the onset of knock well before it detonates severely, a light may not pick it up in time when you include your reaction time to the light.

Anyway just a few things to think about.

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In other vehicles I had great success bolting knock sensors to the intake manifold with a piece of rubber to dampen the noise. This was not a proper knock detection setup however, just a good old microphone with a basic bandpass filter.

Put the headphones on and it isn't distracting as its a purely audio based warning. We also plugged the audio straight into the stereo system which worked well as a preliminary warning.

Using the factory location is going to be better though.

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