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[Obsolete] Custom OS Configuration


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Update: This guide is obsolete. Please read the guides here.

With the release of 0.75 PCMTec allows Workshop customers to create a Custom OS from an existing licensed tune. 

The first release for the Custom OS to Customers will configure by Default:

  1. Dual MAPS
  2. Resized Spark Tables
  3. TMAP Change over to boost sensor
  4. Automatic Gear Change Fix for WOT gear changes
  5. Basic Flex Blend ramps
  6. Conversion table from %Alcohol to Stoich

After this is configured you will then have some options to alter the configuration to:

  1. Disable/Enable TMAP switch logic
  2. Change Boost table to use Gear, Vehicle Speed or default Intake Air Temperature 

Step 1: Configure Basic Custom OS and License the Custom OS.

Open your existing licensed calibration and in the Navigator go to "Custom Edit" -> "Enable Custom Operating System"


The following message will appear:


This message informs you the Custom OS has been configured and you will need to save this file in order for it to be licensed and activated. Press OK and then use the Save As to save the file.


DO NOT OVERWRITE your existing tune. Keep this tune as the basis for making different versions of the custom OS or as your last tune before you went to a Custom OS.

In this example I saved the Custom OS as MyCustomOS_HACH3CA_Version1.tec .

Close and now Open the file you saved away. Finish preparation by licensing the file.

Step 1 Complete, you are now ready to configure your Custom OS.

Step 2. Configuring your new Custom OS.

After you Reopen your Custom OS created in Step 1 navigate to the Custom Edit tree entry and browse the new entries that can be configured:



The tables you see in the above screen shots have been "Dual" mapped. These are the ones that will be activated or blended to depending on your configuration. They are copy of the primary tables used by Ford. 

If you have the flex fuel kit from Danny then you can load the parameter file and start tuning. 

If not then then you must change these two calibration entries. Under System Switches -> Scalars 

Change auF0010 to 1 and auF0011 to 0:


Step 3. Getting the car started. Configuring the Custom OS to use one map or the other.

In order to select a single MAP for tuning your vehicle you only need to edit the "Voltage to % Ethanol Conversion" table. Make the % Ethanol  1 for tuning the High MAP (E85 on Flex Fuel cars)  and make it 0 to select Low MAP (98 on Flex cars). This configuration shows the car setup to use the High MAP:


  This works in conjunction with the Stoich Table which should be setup like this:


The default config has 100% ethanol as being stoich 9.078. As can be seen if you make the Voltage conversion table always return 0 then the stoich value would be 14.64.

In this case ensure you car has E85 in it and then you can start tuning in the HIGH MAPS (Custom Edit tables).

Merging existing tunes.

If you have a 98 tune and an e85 tune for the car already then you can quickly merger the two tunes.

Open each tune and convert them to a custom OS. This allows for the Spark table resize so you can compare them later.

Say the 98 tune is converted to 98_CustomOS.tec and the e85 is converted to E85_CustomOS.tec.

By starting with the converted E85 tune as a base you have populated the HIGH MAP tables with the correct values.

  1. Close all tunes.
  2. Open E85_CustomOS.tec
  3. Click Compare History
  4. Load Compare File and select 98_CustomOS.tec
  5. Now tick and apply the LOW MAP tables from the compare/history view to the tune.
  6. Save the tune away as a new tune.iframe widget
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Hi Finnigan,

    For the BF and FG this code is ready and working but cannot go out until 0.75 is released due to it being incompatible with 0.74. We have contracted out getting QA procedures written for the Editor and we will verify these on the next release before it is released.

I am working on the BA to see if we can get the Flex Fuel signal in via the Power Steering switch.


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FYI here are the new Custom OS options that will be available in 0.75 (not far away!)


The Custom OS can be enabled via this item (currently disabled in 0.74). Enabling the custom OS automatically adds the dual maps (for flex or for other use) which will do nothing by default. 



You can thank Darryl for working very hard on getting this into the editor the past month and a bit!

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Thanks for the clarification. The vehicle I will be doing already has a PCMtec tuned custom operating system without E85 will this have to be overwritten with a new custom O/S which includes the E85 or is the e85 added to the existing custom O/S current tune?

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It depends when it was done. The first couple that were done by hand yes we recommend you make a new one and copy your differences over. This will re use the existing license. If you don't the file will still work you just won't see the new dropdown menus. 

Otherwise all of the later ones that were done by hand will open up with all of these new options available. If in doubt send us the file and we can confirm for you. 

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