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BA A4 Turbo with BF F6 merged rom for independant cam control issue


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I have merged the A3CV rom with my BA Auto rom.

Im having trouble getting it to overlap the timing under 3500rpm and TP REL more than 300.

As I squeeze in the throttle it over laps till 300 TP REL then drops back to 0 overlap and has a 20 degree exhaust cam error untill I throttle back under 300 REL TP.

Under full throttle power run it overlaps at about 3300rpm abruptly.

I cant find how to get it to overlap under full throttle under 3300rpm.

Any one had this issue?




ba-F6 cam control.tec

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Exhaust cam error means a hardware issue. If it's software you won't see an error and it will simply command 0 deg. 

Otherwise check oil pressure, big heavy valve springs and high boost will give you grief as well, especially on an old ba that probably has gummed up oil feeds to the VCT actuator. 

Drop boost and try again when the oil is cold, if the problem goes away it's most likely an oil supply issue. 

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I think I may have explained wrong.

The overlap works, up until REL TP 300. Over 300 it then goes back to 0 overlap. If I ease off the throttle it ramps back on again. I can repeat this many times.

Ill log it and post.

Its only making 9 psi at that point. Thats why I want it to overlap to get the Crappy Aeroflow turbo to come on a bit sooner and make low end torque.

It has stock valve springs 177,000km.


28-07-2022 06-11-27 PM Log.teclog

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It happens instantly, not progressive.

299 is still about half throttle so its about 6psi at 2500rpm. if i could use full throttle would probably make more boost.

Its more like 280 TP REL. But hard to hold there steady and just slightly move throttle with the logging rate so slow.

Screenshot 2022-07-29 11.17.44.png

Screenshot 2022-07-29 11.18.13.png

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Just a side note about the logging, if you can keep it to just a handful of channels whilst you deal with this particular issue you should get about 16 hits a second. Some channels you get for free. You'll know which ones because when you add them the logging rate won't change. Make sure "Rate" is selected to be displayed in the logger channel list. 


For example just to diagnose this issue you could consider the bare bones of RPM, TP, 5 x cam channels and MAP.

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