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Injectors aren’t playing nice!!


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Hey guys! I recently fitted some 1000cc injectors to my ba xr6t. I didn’t get any data with them. I used the data from the “how to” of scaling injectors. It runs! Not badly either. Afrs swing around abit but cruise isn’t terrible and wot is 9.0! Just wondering what I should do next to get it closer to perfect! Now keep in mind I’m a beginner, never done a injector swap before so I’m sorry if I don’t understand the first time haha. Here’s a pic of my injector data. 


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I saw your post on facebook showing "1000CC" as the part number on those random black injectors. I would highly recommend pulling them out and putting something known in the car. One of them might be leaking as 9:1 AFR is maxing the guage out (they won't meter below this), to get that rich with those slopes something has to be seriously wrong.

Those cheap injectors often are terribly balanced which means if you get your AFR correct you might be leaning out one cylinder and pop goes the motor.

The saying "the poor man pays twice" couldn't be more true when it comes to performance car parts.

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1 minute ago, Roland@pcmtec said:

A customer had one injector flow 25% less due to this retarded rail design. Can be all sorts of reasons things don't work. I am a big believer of the OEM seal of approval.


I bet there are worse issues out there than this as well!

thats a solid WOW.

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7 minutes ago, BeerTurbo said:

thats a solid WOW.

It is also why we don't offer tuning advice! Majority of the time there are serious hardware problems!

Just to name the sort of issues that people have initially thought are software related.

  • Earth crimps falling out.
  • Earths not bolted down
  • Earths bolted onto a dirty greasy chassis.
  • TCM can links sticky taped together and coming loose randomly.
  • TCM female plug sockets backing out causing intermittent issues.
  • Half an engine loom swapped and sticky taped together.
  • BA alternator replaced with FG smart alternator causing injectors to get stuck on 100% randomly.
  • Fuel pressure reg fitted backwards.
  • Fake sensors off ebay.

It is why we don't offer phone support for non workshop customers, as the majority of these issues arise due to dodgy backyard DIY swaps or parts from random ebay/gumtree sellers eg these "1000cc" injectors. I would love to see how well they are matched on a flow bench, I wouldn't be surprised if a smooth idle is impossible without individual injector trims being applied.

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2 hours ago, yoda598 said:

i have worked them out now. theyre more like 1600cc at 4 bar. yes, they are cheap crap. but they were free haha. i have a spare engine so im just gonna test with them. see what happens. so far good results. its on e85 now, no issues at all.

thats a big jump... most injectors would go from 1000cc to 1150 or so cc with 4 bar regs......was this tested on flow bench? otherwise id be back to considering leaky injectors causing bad afr readings

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Afrs are smooth now I’ve worked out slopes. Drives like stock almost! I thought the same about the pressure vs flow but the numbers I’ve ended up with are a fair bit away from 1000cc data. Only issue I’m having now is that after a full throttle run down the track it stays very very rich after I lift throttle and start coasting. Does it for roughly 10 seconds. I’m going to re read the injector data post and see what I’ve missed.

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5 hours ago, finnigan001 said:

May not have anything to do with your injector data.  If its only doing it after a long run on a strip at WOT it maybe exhaust or turbo heat protection kicking in and causing the AFR to default to 0.7(from memory)... There are 2 areas to look at in fuel section and the turbocharger section.

where is the 0.7 set?




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took me awhile to find it lol... Its moved to under engine temp limits

auF0157 - Lowest LAMBSE allowed to control cat temperatures.

Other cat control settings:
auF0196    Cat Temp Control
auF0197    Cat Temp Control Stage 2
auF2536    Catalyst temperature which temp. control is exited.
auF0199    Exhaust Protection Enable Temp

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