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btr s3/s4 solenoid disable ?


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Good question. I think this is a case of try and see?

There are some parameters like the following which might be interesting to play with. Obviously beware it is a possibility you could seriously damage the trans by changing these parameters. 

auF13298 Solenoid Override (could be a boolean 1/0 on/off or it could be a bitmask and take values like 0,1,2,4,8,16 etc)

auF13165 Forces S1 Electrically ON

auF13162 Forces S2 Electrically ON

auF13390 Forces S3 Electrically ON

Alternatively you could just set certain gears to have shift points that are out of range so it won't select those gears.

What is the goal?


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Posted (edited)

Hi Roland,

Thanks for the input, I'll look at this as a use case to see what yields best performance, survivability. OSID HAANF doesn't seem to have such values I believe. Can you share which strategy was used or OSID?

Just rebuilt a BTR 4 spd trans (ION) with various parts from the e series BTR's which have stronger internals to beef up the ION /BTR from a BA XR6 Turbo I don't want to go into too much detail as it may undermine transmission builders.

I believe the main culprit for failure is due to transmission line pressure(something not new). I noticed even with new friction and clutch plates, the trans didn't last a chance behind a 450KW BA XR6 turbo even with adjustments to  transmission Torque Reductions within the strategy using PCM tech. I also data logged all relevant trans values with Forscan to assist with analyzing what the trans does and expected current & PWM from S5. Just curious with the logic and ensuring the solenoids behavior in their respective solenoids sequence when going through gears and trouble shooting the transmission.

So pulled it down again and noticed wear on friction plates and burnt out clutch plates within the C1 drum along with the 1st & 2nd gear plates.

Solenoids S3/S4 assist with a smooth shifts between gears, with cars pushing the 300 KW plus will not survive with the ordinary pressure. hence I recall in the earlier E series BTR's you can disconnect / cut loom from PCM to trans connector and either have an external solenoid attached to ground to 5w resister ~ 30 ohm load to simulate a solenoid load.

S3 switch's clutch regulator on or off & S4 switch Band regulator on or off.

This firms up shifts and saves the friction plates and clutch plates within the C1 drum of the BTR this is 3rd and 4th (overdrive). Overall to save these trans, it is purely adding more line pressure than what it currently has; hence the option to disable them. I believe shiftkit.com.au may do something like this within their modules and firm up S5 solenoid but will require to bypass trans values within the PCM.

I noticed in another post auF1512 with a out of range value will increase pressure. ( ill be testing shortly and provide feedback)

 Overall I would like to be able to disable S3/S4 to see if this will assist rather than doing it manually by cutting up the loom and adding module or resistor method if possible.

I hope this information helps. NB this is all for experimental purposes as always 🙂


AN-ford-new-1-5-21.fsl AN-ford-new-run2-1-5-21.fsl

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