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BF xr6 throttle hanging


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Conversions can be difficult. A few questions:

  1. Do you know if this car has a manual writing loom replacing the auto loom?
  2. Does the cruise control work?
  3. Do you know why the person doing the conversion stuck with an automatic calibration but did not fix auF2193?

Personally I would never turn the torque module switch off (auF0260) , this will cause all sorts of issues and may be something to do with the throttle hang.

Datalogging the Clutch Flag, Brake Flag, Neutral and reverse switches and see if they work will be a great help as well.

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My understanding is the  BF loom has the wires for the manual like the clutch switch. You will need to check the clutch switch is plugged in. Also if the car still has the auto loom then you will need to ensure the CAN wire that goes though the ZF has been connected. Have a look at this post for the wiring requirements:


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HACCKAC is a manual calibration.

You can use the Calibration tools to download it, save it and compare it against the auto tuner. You can also import the licensing information and VID  from the HACCKAB file read and flash that in to the car without using extra credits (all HACCK calibrations will be licensed as long as you import the licensing information from the vehicle).

The diff ratio will need changing but at least you will see it fixes the issues.

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