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BA throttle dip


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This is in my tune

auF2184 Maximum allowable input torque is 1200

auF1741 Maximum Input Shaft Torque before stall torque truncation is used (In forward gears) is 750

auF1795 Maximum Input Shaft Torque before torque truncation is used  is 1200


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8 hours ago, will15 said:

Just set all this stuff to 0 and still doing it.


i dont think that's the right way to disable it. that's just telling it to use mode 0, which might actually still include TQ reduction.


AUF0264 AND AUF0265 have been where i have had the most success disabling throttle movement on TQ retard.

you can see the transmission is requesting tq retard. so you can disable the throttle part using those two scalars.


it may still then default to pull spark and or another event such as cylinder cut depending how your other tq events are setup.

you need to do as puffy suggesting and find out where in the calibration the limit is and change it.


for fun check auf3342. ,max throttle angle



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1 hour ago, Roland@pcmtec said:

What does torque source say? That will tell you which truncation is kicking in. 

Might be oscillation/ tip in etc

How do I log torque source I can’t find it in the log channels

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