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5.0L Throttle Limit


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A few people have asked how to remove the throttle limit on the 5.0L supercharged vehicles. A good way to start with these kind of problems is to compare the FPV or Sprint calibrations to a stock calibration.

Eg a FPV 351 auto calibration is HAFJ1K2 and a standard 5.0L auto calibration is HAFH5HB

Here you can see the following tables have been tuned by Ford.

Desired throttle angle (auF0077) increased from 419 to 579

Throttle Angle auF0083 has been increased from 60 to 80

Throttle Angle B auF0084 has been increased from 60 to 80

IPC conversion of percent accelerator pedal angle to desired throttle angle auF12514

Delta pressure across the throttle plate auF10980

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Hi Roland. Great info. I noticed the same thing with throttle angle by comparing my GS file to the FG-X XR8 Sprint file. I just tried to download the HAFJ1K2 calibration and it doesn't seem to be there. Do you know of another FPV 351 calibration that I could download to compare to my GS cal and the XR8 Sprint calibration (HAFK0XB)? The XR8 and FPV351 are probably very similar but I'd love to compare them just to give myself a bit more confidence before uploading the modified calibration.



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I'm not sure if there is a mechanical stop on it but if not it will just spin around the other way and end up being partially closed again. The 80 is meant to be degrees but I believe it is an arbitrary angle.

Best bet is to just take the intake off and look at how far it moves. I think there is an ETC test procedure in IDS/Forscan which will cycle it with the engine off.


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