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Cruise control issues


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2 hours ago, Roland@pcmtec said:

The spark and torque tables are probably not correct for the NA + T which has different compression.

It has all been tuned to suit all table etc are fine just cruise control is the only issue. Its like the throttle ratio to to maintain steady speed is to sensative

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Update. Stock NA closed loop tables did not fix the problem. Its definitely a drive by wire or torque control issue, the throttle won't maintain gradual increases or decreases, its as if the throttle applies too much, then snaps back.

Not sure what the fix is at this point. I notice the engine will do it without cruise enabled, driving on a flat surface and steady throttle the throttle modulates without peddle input.

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Mine does a similar thing with cruise control on, but not all the time. I noticed that the afr was changing outside of the usual open/closed loop parameters so I wondered if it was going in and out of open/closed loop. The open loop tps transition/rpm (auF0523) might be a thing to check if it has been adjusted. I haven't checked to see if it is my issue but it's something to look at.

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A little more information on what my Territory / Turbo is doing.
The cruise hold speed perfectly on a flat road & controls the speed from increasing on declines, but if there is any incline the cruise wont increase / maintain the set speed.
Also if the set speed is raise from 90 - 100kmh, it struggles to accelerate the vehicle.
This seems worse the faster the vehicle is traveling...
Any advise would be welcome.

HAEJ2A3 SZ2 Territory turbo - Current 21-6-22.tec

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Hi all.

I have the same problem with my FG NA + T. Did anyone find a solution?? Mine hunts sometime at idle in gear ( usually at the traffic lights) and sometimes with the cruise set around the 100km speed. Seems good on a flat road set at 100, but if going up a slight hill it will surge a few kms past the set speed then go a few kms below etc. Gets so annoying I usually turn cruise off.

Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Jason.

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