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ZF Transbrake capability??


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Hey guys 

Just watched a Fullboost vid of the barra/zf powered commodore using a transbrake function via some sort of trans. controller...

Is it possible to utilise a transbrake function via Pcmtec? 

After all, we must keep those transmission builders in business...

Cheers Rob



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1 hour ago, yoda598 said:

Isn't a transbrake just activating 1st and reverse at the same time? Surely couldn't be too difficult to make some sort of momentary switch style system. 

Yes technically the theory of what to do is not complex at all, the issue is implementing it. Eg tapping into the solenoids is quite difficult as you have to remove the TCM and resolder the pads with an intercept that will not fall apart when you go over a bump or get the box hot, then somehow get the wires back out of the box or via the TCM plug. You then need an interlock to make sure it can only be applied when stationary and in first gear.

Doing all of this in a repeatable and cost effective manner is difficult which is why only one company to date has done this. 



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late reply, my apology, just gettingm back into tuning my build.

the only issue with the quick6 is that the torque limiting between pcm and quick6 is now removed hence if you are under throttle and it changes gear you get chirps!.  other than that the quick 6 works, transbrake works.  

for tiptronic to work you need to do extra work, and sensors around the shifter or install paddle shifts.  unless someone can convert the canbus signals from the microcontroller in the shifter to digital up/down signals...

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47 minutes ago, Milanski said:

the only issue with the quick6 is that the torque limiting between pcm and quick6 is now removed

Had a read up. Nice unit! 

If you can be fucked there is a shift in progress output that you would wire to a relay that will switch in a resistor to the IAT circuit. Put a large timing value in that cell for a poor mans torque management.



T-MAP Mk1 FG XR6T.pdf

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Another option is wire the torque output from the quick6 output to the flex input on the custom OS. You can then truncate spark/boost and whatever else you want with a variable blend curve without affecting the normal tune/overtemp protection. I spoke to someone (maybe this guy?) about 6 months ago about this and it would work a treat providing they don't want flex fuel installed as well.

The flex input is measured every 10-20ms I believe so it will be quick enough to truncate torque.

I'm fairly sure the shift in progress output is an analog output as well, so you can have variable torque reduction and technically make it work just like factory.

Would take a bit to set up first go and get it right, but once its done you could copy paste to other cars.

Unless you are running a seriously banger box, you need torque reduction on the 3-4 shift or you will kill it.

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Box will take 1000hp no problem. Thankfully rear tyres have little traction for now keeping the diff alive.  

What input is the flex fuel input, is it the rear o2 sensor input 0-1V?  

The quick6 has a shift in progress output that is pulled to 0v(ground) during a shift.  Ive got an arduino set up to do the tiptronic function between the gear selector (oem ford shifter) and the quick6, therefore i can extend this to be anything i need back to the pcm.  Just need to know where to wire it to please. Many thanks. 

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