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    www.pcmtec.com/downloads Beta is now publicly available. If you have a previous private beta please install this version over the top as it has a large number of bug fixes and improvements.
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    Not yet but you can see the numbers in the chart itself. Just save and open the log and use the cursor and it will tell you. Otherwise save as csv and use in megalogviewer or which ever package you prefer. I started putting my notes at the end of this thread. I got it to 1.01/0.99 trims everywhere in a few goes. It's not hard, using the xlsx spreadsheet I put up!
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    Press "load values" and it will load it from the file that is open.
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    Make sure these two numbers are equal. ZF03987 and auF1692. This refers to the "TCM calibration level. If not the TCM will go into limp mode. If they don’t match you can sometimes change the PCM scalar and it will work. You cannot change the ZF scalar though. This is not a full proof guide eg If the operating system ID is wrong, eg you have put a BF trans in an FG, you may not be able to get a matching calibration and you may have to resort to switching the mechatronics. Under calibration tools -> show calibration list you can view all the TCM calibrations and their appropriate TCM Calibration level. You can search/filter this list to assist in finding a matching ZF calibration.
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    Here are some more useful DMRs to log. I am recalculating my injector slopes and this is what I am logging to do so. I'll do a write up on it when I'm finished ENGINE_SPEED Engine speed spk_load load used for spark table LAM_FINAL[0] desired lambda kamrf[0] long term fuel trim LBMF_INJ Fuel mass requested fuel_pulse_width Pulse width wot_ol_flg open loop tp_rel TPS vspd vehicle speed cam_angle[0] Intake cam position cam_angle[1] Exhaust cam position map_air_0 Current speed density offset air_b3_n Current speed density slope
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    It isn't magic. There is a spark adder (or subtractor) table which adds spark across the board. By default it is either 0 or subtracts 4 degrees. When it is turned on I believe the car was tuned with 95 octane, so when it detects enough knock it assumes 91 octane and pulls 4 degrees from the whole map. This logic is only turned on for the NA vehicles. You can set anything you want in this map though, and enable it on a turbo, not that I would recommend it but it is an option. These numbers are not necessarily true or accurate.
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    Hi Guys, Just thought i'd list what i'm using in the data logger and what i think they do for anyone looking for a little pointer when just starting out. Very Basics here. ACT - Air Charge Temp (same as IAT??) CAM_ACT - Cam angle CAM_OVRLAP - Cam overlap ECT - Coolant Temp ENGINE_SPEED - RPM EOT - Engine Oil Temp LAM_FINAL[0] - Commanded Lambda LOAD - Engine Load SAFTOT - Commanded Spark Total SPKAD_IND_AVG - Knock Spark Retard TP - Throttle Position VBAT - Battery Voltage WGBOOST_DESIRED - Desired Boost WGBOOST_ERROR - Boost Error I've been struggling to get wastegate DC to log using WGC_DTY or WGDTYCYC_T both these dont seem to record anything. Anybody else have any luck or using different PIDs/DMRs Otherwise datalogging has been going well with the 1.21 version. Doesnt take very long to work everything out as is very intuitive. If anything above looks incorrect or others have found additional useful DMRs, please share.
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