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    FORD Acronyms booklet.pdf Fore/aft oxygen sensor control. Loads of Ford acronyms in this PDF. I found it on google. It is very old from the late 90s.
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    Thanks to this beauty of an informative thread, I was able to get my cammed xr8 the exhaust crackle back using only the enthusiast package. Two of the tuners I used said it wasn't possible with cams.
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    So, to get open loop at idle or during deceleration, with no accel pedal input, you need to adjust load for open loop during deceleration table that I posted previously. This is a correction to what I said previously. If you just want open loop all the time and don’t want to tweak when it transitions, one easy way is to adjust the time delay for closed loop below: Just set the right side to 10 x 60 x 60=36000 for 10 hours and you will always be in open loop. I’m sorry I don’t know how/where these tables are labeled/located in your software.
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    Those Ford patents are awesome. So helpful to understand the theory from Ford's perspective.
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    Think about it. 2 programmers for 1 year is maybe 250k How many F150s are sold each year? 1.1 million. How many other Fords that use this software? Maybe 4 million? How long does an O2 sensor last without the downstream sensor aging it? Lets say 2 years, how long does it last with the aging software? Maybe 5 years? $100 x 4 million = $400 million in replacement O2 sensors. Return on investment? Absolute no brainer. It isn't even a question of you can spend the money on something else, with that kind of ROI you could just borrow the money for the programmers up front and pay interest on it and still come out in front. It is cumulative as well, the FAOSC software was written in the early 2000s and still used to day, its probably saved them over a billion dollars since inception. They don't just do this with O2 sensors they do it with everything. They have a complicated airflow model that models the cooling affect of the fans on the engine in modern vehicles, this might take someone 6 months to model in tensorflow, then a programmer a few months to program it. But if the result is the fan turns on 10% less often, this means they can change the service interval for replacing the fan by maybe 10%, how much does this save them? Even if its a $5 part it is very easy to see the economics in it. This might also help explain why the software in a modern Ford is so damn complicated. There is usually a good reason behind everything you see, and that "good" reason is more dollars for the bean counters.
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    We will pull the mainline dyno figures and display them in our software. So you will simply need a y cable. This will be something that comes in a later update.
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    Nothing at all! It will use the tactrix and connect straight to the vehicle. As for logging widebands etc they will require an analog to canbus converter, or if you use a mainline dyno we will be adding support to poll the dyno direct via an OBD Y Cable.
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    We've converted a large number of the big shops Australia wide now. The goal is to perfect the stuff we've already delivered or promised first. So for the rest of the year we will be putting all our energy into the Custom OS and Datalogging.
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    You can already do anti lag easily. There is a neutral deacceleration timing map (set this to 0 degrees). Disable DFCO, set large cam overlap at high revs and low load, then make 0% throttle 0.5 lambda at high revs. Instant muffler destroying fun. Even with two mufflers it is deafening.
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