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Open Call For 2.1 Beta Testers


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Hi Guys,

PCMTec 2.1 is nearing general release, so we have decided to open up beta testing for any current Workshop user who wants to try it out:

What you get:

  • Updated UI
  • Access to the Mustang and F150 Tuning templates
  • Updated datalogger, including a huge number of UI and speed improvements as well as the new histogram and map tracing functions
  • Access to the Beta testing sub-forum
  • much much more!

The following requirements apply:

  • Currently Workshop Customers only (sorry, we hope to remove this requirement shortly)
  • That you provide feedback via email of any bugs encountered or general feedback, including screenshots etc. In some occasions we may call you to get more information.
  • You understand that the BETA is still in testing, it might have some bugs or issues.
  • Where possible you engage in community beta discussion on the forum

How to join the Beta program:

  • Post in this thread
  • Send an email to support@pcmtec.com


Happy tuning!

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1 minute ago, Puffwagon said:

I've already been using 2.1 for a while, will it just be updated on the alpha release page?

Yep, plus a post on the sub-forum and the email. You won't miss it. 😎

(we are just doing the final changes for the next beta now, we expect it will be sent today or tomorrow)

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