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HOWTO: Full independent VCT cam control in BA 6 cyl

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This only works for a manual. If you have an auto you will need the workshop edition and to manually copy over the automatic settings and tables (see steps further down).

First read your vehicle and save the file (do not license it). 

Next go to the stock file wizard and press "create stock file from strategy" and enter in A3VC / HAAT3VC

Then press "create and merge" and load the file you saved originally.

License the file. If you have previously licensed your other file this step will cost 2 extra credits.

Now go to auF12646 and flip the switch, this will invert the oil pressure sender signal as the F6 has a different switch.


Now you will have a fully independent F6 strategy in your BA. To take advantage of this calibration it is recommended to add 24 degrees over overlap from 1500 - 3500 rpm, this will help spool the turbo the same way the late model BF and FGs do.






NOTE If the car was previously tuned, you will need to copy the spark and speed density tables over re-scaling them as you go. This is as the BA F6 speed density and spark tables are the same size as the BF not the BA. Hence a compare will not copy the values over. This is very important.


Automatic conversion

If you have a BTR auto you can compare your file to another BA automatic turbo such as 32YC / HAANFY4 and copy over the relevant automatic settings. Here is an example of some of the parameters you may need to copy. This will need to be carefully tested to ensure the BTR shifts as expected.



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We have converted everything my only issue is now horrible cold starts and car trys to ghost cam mid gear shift,I'm not liking the drivability of this at all. Thanks roland. 

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I'll see what Brendan can do, I was hoping it was this simple, I'll see what we can come up with as always thankyou for you info. 

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